Olive Garden closing locations (2020)?

I remember that the Olive Garden in my neighborhood was supposed to close but somehow that didn't happen. I guess we got lucky but I hate how it's basically guesswork on figuring out which locations will close and which not. Does someone know which one will close this year?

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  • I'm gonna cry if they close my Olive Garden

  • We should expect at least a dozen to close. That's my guess at least.

  • While that may be true - that the chain isn't doing so badly, all things considered - Olive Garden will still see more than a couple of closures this year.

  • Quite a few will close I have no doubt. It has nothing to do with how the company is doing.

  • What makes you think any will close this year? The chain is doing great.

  • the eel

  • I don't think any will close soon.