Topics regarding store closing at Ace Hardware

Topics regarding store closing at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware closed!

The retail business is in shambles. Look how Ace Hardware closed at 606 West Covell Blvd. in the Anderson Plaza shopping center this May. It was unexpected and there's also horrible possibility of other Ace Hardware stores following this one's... — read more 

Campbell lost Ace Hardware

Just checked and yep, it's true. Ace Hardware closed on 148 N San Tomas Aquino Rd a few months ago in Campbell. If my memory serves me correctly that store was planning to close for ages and it seems that they finally did it.

Ace Hardware store closed

Excellent Ace Hardware store has closed (but let's be real, isn't every Ace Hardware store excellent? I have never seen a company have such consistently great stores across California, let alone the country). Their Orange store on W Lincoln Ave is... — read more 

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