Topics regarding store closing at Bealls Outlet

Topics regarding store closing at Bealls Outlet

They have CLOSED

I never had a positive shopping experience in this store. However, because I am an utter fool, I stubbornly kept shopping here anyway. I don't know why I did. Thank God that not all Bealls stores are like this one though.

Not closing per se

The Bealls in Harlingen, Texas will not be closing per se. Technically, it will be converted into a Gordmans, however I think that it is worth knowing that the Bealls store will kinda close some days before the new Gordmans opens.

Bealls in Athens TX is next

The Bealls store in Athens is next on the list of being converted into a Gordmans sometime next year in 2020. I liked that Bealls store but I am growing to like Gordmans even more so I think that this change is a positive one.

Abilene store closing

The Bealls store at 3725 Catclaw Drive is closing very soon. It is such a shame that a closure is happening in the first place. I know that a lot of Bealls stores will be converting into a Gordmans after they close - does anyone know if this store... — read more 

Bealls store closing. Sort of.

The sweet Bealls store in Taos, New Mexico will be closing. Sort of. Kinda. The closing signs are all there but they aren't closing exactly. They will be converting the store into a Gordmans next year so... no big loss. Right?

The staff

Does somebody, anybody know if the staff of this store is doing well now? I never found out what happened to them. They all deserve the best in life and I wish them the best. It's a bummer wrt what happened to this store as well.

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