Topics regarding store closing at Big Lots

Topics regarding store closing at Big Lots

West Amarillo Big Lots closing?

I read online that a Big Lots store could be closing for good in west Amarillo in Texas. The date of the closing is November 20, next month. Is that possible? Does anyone have more info? I wish so badly that it is not true.

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Big Lots in Fresno is closing

Big Lots at 5345 N Blackstone Ave is closing. All signs are there, even a literal clearance sale sign! Their shelves are empty and it looks like a ghost town. I think that they are opening a new location in northern Fresno so they thought that this... —  read more 

Big Lots Hours

I wouldn't change a thing at Big Lots. It's a great place to work at and the pay is great. I do have to admit that the hours aren't consistent, they're either too long or the opposite. Wish they would fix that.

Big Lots opened a new store

Big Lots opened in Maryland this June. I dig them, their prices are a lot cheaper than other stores, like Walmart for example. This Frederick location will donate $5 to Mission Mercy every time a Big Rewards loyalty member redeems a reward at this... —  read more 

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