Topics regarding store closing at JCPenney

Topics regarding store closing at JCPenney

JCPenney closing this Spring

JCPenney has released information on its downtown Detroit Lakes store, saying that a closing sale will begin next month on February 1 and that the final day of operation will be May 21. The store will close this Spring...

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JCPenney's fall from grace is hard to watch. My cousin informed me that he got the boot in the recent layoffs the company just had. He took it hard. I feel so bad for everyone. 650 jobs cut, just like that.

JCPenney's May closure hurts

It's just a store, I know, but I loved it quite a lot. It's been here for so many years and yet it will be gone next month like it never existed in the first place. Not everyone will agree but I thought that the Temple Mall JCPenney store was... — read more 

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Scottsboro JCPenney was always a pretty great store. Closings happen, I know. But I just thought that JCPenney might have spared their Scottsboro location since it's so great. No such luck, however.

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JCPenney closing in Cleveland... terrible! Is there nothing we can do to bring the store back? I hate to see so many of JCPenney's stores close this way.

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Will JCPenney disappear?

Will JCPenney disappear? Maybe not this year or even the next but maybe in 2023? Will the company that we all knew for decades just vanish, just like that, solely because they faced so many troubles over the years? That's too sad to even imagine.

Closing: Sequim JCPenney

I fear JCPenney will soon become a thing of the past. Considering how many stores they have been closing and everything. The Sequim JCPenney already started a liquidation sale and the closing will happen next year soon. This is sad.

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I feel so bad for JCPenney, I really do. The JCPenney in my neighborhood has closed not so long ago and it still s—s to remember it being open. It was such a lively place. Not anymore. I know it's not only my store that ended that way. — read more 

Like your store

Please tell me Owasso's Penney's us not closing there isn't much other than walmart to buy clothing I don't want ti use Walmart! I love your clothes and it is about the only place I can buy large clothes for my husband and son.

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