Topics regarding store closing at Jimmy John's

Topics regarding store closing at Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's in Bellevue gone

My heart still hurts thinking about that Jimmy John's that closed this year in the Bellevue Plaza Shopping Center. My orders were always a bit crazy and complicated but they never messed them up and they were so tasty to boot...

Jimmy John's in Texarkana, Texas

I heard that the Jimmy John's in Texarkana, Texas is available for take-out and delivery... only. How true is that? Are they closed? Does the closing affect their business negatively? I have to know. If they close for good I will be crushed.

Branson MO Jimmy John's closed

I feel like such a pariah for even mentioning in passing that I vaguely liked the Jimmy John's that was open in Branson MO at 2715 W Hwy 76. They have closed a while ago and everyone I know celebrated that but I just couldn't do that.

Spring Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's has left Spring for some reason. I don't know what went wrong since everyone I knew liked what they had to offer. I never ate at any other Jimmy John's since the day they closed shop at Louetta Rd. Can anyone recommend me some of... —  read more 

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