Topics regarding store closing at Lord & Taylor

Topics regarding store closing at Lord & Taylor

Salem closed in 2020

Salem, New Hampshire store closed in 2020 ( So sad. The pandemic hit Lord & Taylor really hard, didn't it...

Why did they close here?

Why did they close this store? I thought they did well business wise, even though admittedly a few people had some issues with them. I sometimes didn't like the way how some employees handled the customers but other than that this store was fine.

Lord & Taylor Mass Firing

As of February 1, 2019, the Lord & Taylor division of HBC, has fired 30 Assistant Store Manager / Operations, positions. All were informed that their employment will cease in one week. The workload will now be passed down to an hourly associate... —  read more 

What a shame

It makes no sense to close a flagship store that does tremendous business and then keep smaller stores in the suburban malls open. People come to New York to shop in department stores like Lord and Taylor. A very bad business decision.

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