Topics regarding store closing at Pizza Hut

Topics regarding store closing at Pizza Hut

Not open on Mission St!

One of the Pizza Huts in SF is not open... it has shuttered for good on Mission St. All I see these days is Pizza Hut quietly disappearing from California and nobody seems to be caring...

Clemmons Pizza Hut no more

Pizza Hut in Clemmons shuttered. How many other Pizza Huts have shuttered in North Carolina? I didn't hold that Pizza Hut in Clemmons in high regard but the other Pizza Huts are nice enough. Would be a pity if they shuttered too.

RIP Centralia Pizza Hut

RIP... I have to inform y'all that one of the better Pizza Huts in Illinois has closed down a couple of months back. I am well aware that the Centralia spot had a polarizing reputation but I really liked it. Wish it would reopen.

Stop closing locations!!!!

Whoa I just found out that the shabby Pizza Hut on Fieldstown Rd in Gardendale, AL got closed for good a couple of months ago. Don't get me wrong it wasn't their best location but dang it, it sure was charming! In its own, very special way.

Brownsville, TN Pizza Hut CLOSURE

Can anybody confirm whether the Brownsville, Tennessee location is truly closed? Like, it won't be a shocker if it is closed after all but I'm kinda hoping that it will reopen someday. I like Pizza Hut. Can you blame me???

Horrid Pizza Hut closure

I heard the worst had happened recently and I need someone to tell me that the news isn't that bad... Pizza Hut in Kennett, Missouri has closed. I know in my heart that it's permanent but is there a chance somehow that it could reopen?

Illinois loses 2 locations RIP

Oh well what can you do, you know? I was pretty fond of both of these locations (even if they messed my order a zillion times... who cares!) so it's a bummer that Pizza Hut Edwardsville has closed and the one in Centralia, IL as well. RIP!

Pizza Hut in Holland no more

That's it I guess. Pizza Hut at 2352 North Park Drive closed unceremoniously last month on January 27th. Personally, I was not a huge fan of that place but it feels weird that it's not open any longer. I'll get used to it tho'.

Shuttered: Pizza Hut Warrenton OR

The "Pizza Hut" location of Warrenton - Oregon is no more. The location has shuttered in September of 2019. I imagine many things went wrong for that location for "Pizza Hut". Everyone had something to say about that location. Mostly negative.

Plattsburgh, NY - Pizza Hut

I don't feel strongly about this, to be honest. Closings happen, it's normal. Pizza Hut in Plattsburgh, NY is no longer in business. They ceased their operations there a while ago, I think it was worth mentioning that.

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