Topics regarding store closing at Pizza Hut

Topics regarding store closing at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut closed in Salem

Sadly the Salem Illinois Pizza Hut closed a few months ago. Where else did Pizza Hut close last year? Is there a list out there or something?

Wish the Union City Pizza Hut isn't closed

I heard that the Pizza Hut in Union City, Tennessee is shuttered - is that true? Did they close it temporarily due to the coronavirus (cleaning, disinfecting, etc.) or did it close temporarily? I like that joint quite a lot.

Pizza Hut closing recently, what could be the cause?

Is it just me or did Pizza Hut change the recipe of their sauces? It just doesn't taste the same anymore and honestly I feel like that is the reason the company has seen many closings lately. The one in Woodruff, South Carolina comes to mind.

RIP Centralia Pizza Hut

RIP... I have to inform y'all that one of the better Pizza Huts in Illinois has closed down a couple of months back. I am well aware that the Centralia spot had a polarizing reputation but I really liked it. Wish it would reopen.

Stop closing locations!!!!

Whoa I just found out that the shabby Pizza Hut on Fieldstown Rd in Gardendale, AL got closed for good a couple of months ago. Don't get me wrong it wasn't their best location but dang it, it sure was charming! In its own, very special way.

Hopewell Pizza Hut closure? (sad but necessary)

My cousin said in passing that the Pizza Hut in Hopewell, Virginia got shuttered and that's a pity if it's true. It would never close if I had any say in it but perhaps it's for the better that I didn't... I have horrible business sense and Pizza Hut... —  read more 

Brownsville, TN Pizza Hut CLOSURE

Can anybody confirm whether the Brownsville, Tennessee location is truly closed? Like, it won't be a shocker if it is closed after all but I'm kinda hoping that it will reopen someday. I like Pizza Hut. Can you blame me???

Another Pizza Hut gone with the wind in Oklahoma

Learned of this a few weeks ago and honestly it's a pity that it closed. I remember the first date I had with my girlfriend was at the Muskogee location. After that it was my favorite place in all of Oklahoma. Damn how time flies, huh?

Horrid Pizza Hut closure

I heard the worst had happened recently and I need someone to tell me that the news isn't that bad... Pizza Hut in Kennett, Missouri has closed. I know in my heart that it's permanent but is there a chance somehow that it could reopen?

Illinois loses 2 locations RIP

Oh well what can you do, you know? I was pretty fond of both of these locations (even if they messed my order a zillion times... who cares!) so it's a bummer that Pizza Hut Edwardsville has closed and the one in Centralia, IL as well. RIP!

Two locations have closed, very sad

Some sad Minnesota-centric news, at least from the restaurant sphere of the business world. Two Pizza Hut restaurants unceremoniously bite the dust and it's pretty sad. Both Fergus Falls and Breckenridge are no longer open as they're both have... —  read more 

Pizza Hut is closing 300 locations!

It seems that Pizza Hut's largest franchisee here is closing about 300 locations across the U.S. as part of the bankruptcy restructuring that is happening. Dine-in locations are mostly closing especially since everyone is in self-isolation and... —  read more 

Ulster Avenue no longer has a Pizza Hut

I sometimes forget how long Pizza Hut has been around. Almost 50 years of being open on Ulster Avenue in Ulster, New York... and now it is no longer open. The location closed this month. I wonder if it will become a carry-out only place or if it will... —  read more 

Pizza Hut in Holland no more

That's it I guess. Pizza Hut at 2352 North Park Drive closed unceremoniously last month on January 27th. Personally, I was not a huge fan of that place but it feels weird that it's not open any longer. I'll get used to it tho'.

Alma's Pizza Hut not in business anymore

Well... the company did say that they would close more than a few of their restaurants that just aren't performing that favorably. The Pizza Hut in Alma, Michigan couldn't be an exception. It closed a couple of weeks ago.

The Pizza Hut in Ajo AZ is permanently closed???

Welp, I guess that's over with. I'm not happy with this situation at all. Too many Pizza Huts are closing... and apparently the Pizza Hut in Ajo @ 627 N. 2nd Ave has closed permanently. That closing was really unnecessary.

Shuttered: Pizza Hut Warrenton OR

The "Pizza Hut" location of Warrenton - Oregon is no more. The location has shuttered in September of 2019. I imagine many things went wrong for that location for "Pizza Hut". Everyone had something to say about that location. Mostly negative.

Plattsburgh, NY - Pizza Hut

I don't feel strongly about this, to be honest. Closings happen, it's normal. Pizza Hut in Plattsburgh, NY is no longer in business. They ceased their operations there a while ago, I think it was worth mentioning that.

Massive Store Closures at Pizza Hut

Artie Starrs Chief Executive Officer of Pizza Hut orchestrated this. Folks working for Pizza Hut corp knew about this for a while. This is a good move. Gibbs was supporting it...

The Pizza Hut in Clawson has closed recently

The Pizza Hut in Clawson Michigan has closed, no idea why. It was not the best Pizza Hut, but I always liked to have a pizza place at hand and nearby my home so that's why I liked their 20 W 14 Mile Rd location.

Pizza Hut closed here?

Heard that this Pizza Hut had closed way back and I am just checking in here to see if it is true or not. I don't order things from Pizza Hut for ages now but I did always eat at this location. Too bad if it's closed for good.

Marathon Pizza Hut gone

Apparently this Pizza Hut in Marathon, FL had closed and it happened right under my nose as well. It is a bummer. I liked their food well enough and their prices weren't that bad either. Wonder why they closed?

Pizza Hut in Livermore is closed

This Pizza Hut probably produced the best pies I have ever had the pleasure to eat. That is just my opinion, I can see why some people might have hated this place but I just simply loved their food. Too bad that they have closed.

Could they be closing?

Could they be closing this location anytime soon? I hope that if they do, they at least have the courtesy of transforming it into a carry-out only Pizza Hut instead. I would hate to see it go completely. I've been going here for ages.

Middletown Pizza Hut Thoughts

I think that they could have fixed almost all of the issues that were present in the Middletown Pizza Hut (the one on the W Harrisburg Pike) with better training of their employees. That means both the cooks and the waiters. That's it. If they had... —  read more 

Pizza Hut ceased operations in Cedartown

I had to raise an eyebrow when I learned of this news. I did not expect this at all but after Pizza Hut announced that they will be closing a few hundred of their locations - this isn't too unbelievable. Pizza Hut has permanently ceased to operate... —  read more 

Newark closed

This must be old news, but I just found out about this. Pizza Hut closed in Newark, NJ on Central Avenue. They were pretty cheap so you could afford a daily meal while on a budget... but being affordable doesn't equate having quality food...

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