Topics regarding store closing at Stein Mart

Topics regarding store closing at Stein Mart

Stein Mart

I actually quite like this store. I noticed my friends disagreeing with me whenever I say so and I don't understand why. What's not to like about this store? The staff is always so nice and helpful. Are their prices the issue here or...?

Customer service troubles

The quality of this Stein Mart isn't the same anymore. I'm really heartbroken but I must say that I won't be returning here. Maybe they will get better in their customer service but for now I'm taking a break from this Stein Mart.

Those Amazon lockers

How is that Amazon Hub Location deal working out for Stein Mart? Could it really revive their business again or is it all in vain? I haven't been to a Stein Mart in a while and I'm curious as to how these Amazon lockers are working out for them.

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