Topics regarding store closing at T.J.Maxx

Topics regarding store closing at T.J.Maxx

Where did they move?

Where did the TJ Maxx move once they closed their 9125 W Broad St store in Richmond, VA? The least they could have done is to inform their customers where they have moved exactly so that we can continue to support them. I suppose they don't need our... —  read more 

The T.J. Maxx in Bismarck

The T.J. Maxx in Bismarck, North Dakota is a treasure and I would hate for it to shutter but as most things in life it's out of our hands if the company would decide to close its doors to the public forever. Is it closing though?

T.J.Maxx closing and moving

J.Maxx will not be at the Eastwood Mall anymore and will move to a new location in the Howland Commons plaza - it will be in the same spot where the Grace Fellowship Church was, which is an interesting choice to place your new location, I... —  read more 

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