Topics regarding store closing at ULTA Beauty

Topics regarding store closing at ULTA Beauty

Older Ulta stores.

I think it's time for the older Ulta stores to receive some good ole TLC. I love Ulta a lot and I don't want those stores to be closed just because they are a bit messy and unpolished. I just think it's time to invest some money into cleaning and... —  read more 

Not sure why Ulta closed

It is such a shame what happened to the Ulta that was located in La Jolla Village Square. The store is now closed and I'm not exactly sure how that came to be. The store itself was always busy and pretty crowded (before the pandemic, at least). Why... —  read more 

Monroe's Ulta is gone

Literally the only reason I have ever gone to this location is because it was so close to my home. Otherwise I would have avoided it. It was one of the shabbier Ulta stores out there. It closed a few weeks ago in Harriman Commons, Monroe, NY.

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