Topics regarding store closing at ULTA Beauty

Topics regarding store closing at ULTA Beauty

Older Ulta stores.

I think it's time for the older Ulta stores to receive some good ole TLC. I love Ulta a lot and I don't want those stores to be closed just because they are a bit messy and unpolished. I just think it's time to invest some money into cleaning and... —  read more 

Not sure why Ulta closed

It is such a shame what happened to the Ulta that was located in La Jolla Village Square. The store is now closed and I'm not exactly sure how that came to be. The store itself was always busy and pretty crowded (before the pandemic, at least). Why... —  read more 

Monroe's Ulta is gone

Literally the only reason I have ever gone to this location is because it was so close to my home. Otherwise I would have avoided it. It was one of the shabbier Ulta stores out there. It closed a few weeks ago in Harriman Commons, Monroe, NY.

Ulta in San Bruno, Ca

San Bruno Ulta... wonderful store... It is a huge bummer that they have closed. I have to admit, however, that I am biased. I have been shopping at Ulta for ages and they always treated me well throughout the years of me frequenting their stores.

Ulta in Mishawaka

So I do not like being a negative nancy but I have to admit that, while I am a huge supporter of Ulta, their Mishawaka store in Indiana was really unsatisfactory. Thankfully, not all of their stores are like that closed one.

Natick Ulta no more

The Ulta that was open until very recently on Worcester St has closed in Natick sadly. Loved their stores. They always carried everything I needed and their customer service was alright too. What happened to them is truly sad.

Ulta left North Haven CT

I don't know the specifics of when or why Ulta has closed in North Haven but I vaguely remember my friend telling me that they have left that location a couple of months ago. She thinks that they had issues with their rent being too high. It's... —  read more 

Closed Ulta store

This Ulta never carried my concealer shade and that was incredibly unprofessional of them. My shade is totally common so for them not to have it in stock so consistently was always so annoying. They have closed this Spokane WA store recently and with... —  read more 

Ulta Beauty exits Port Richey

This Ulta was so-so. Their store wasn't on par with other Ulta's I have been to in Florida. But, oh my god, the staff was one of the nicest people I ever had the pleasure of interacting with. I hope they are doing ok since this place has closed!

Ulta Beauty closed here

I am so baffled with this Ulta. All of their stores are so nicely organized and clean, while their customer service is spectacular. Indeed, that is why I always prefer them over Sephora because of these reasons. But their store at The Village at... —  read more 

Store is gone

I did not know that this store had its own page. Anyway, this store closed this summer and while it is definitely, without a question, sad to see a business go under, this specific store wasn't their best. Thankfully, there are other, better Ultas... —  read more 

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