Topics regarding store closing at Von Maur

Topics regarding store closing at Von Maur

A fall from grace, perhaps?

Lately, each time I step foot into one of their stores I am truly shocked to my core by the consistently poor quality of their products. To tell you the utter and complete truth, I can see Von Maur closing stores in a couple of years if this trend... —  read more 

I have a good feeling about Von Maur

Honestly, I just don't see Von Maur closing any of their stores anytime soon. Especially not this year, since it will end pretty soon enough. They seem to focusing on smartly expanding their businesses rather than closing them instead.

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Lower your prices please!

Lowering your prices doesn't mean lowering your standards, not everyone in Omaha can afford such such numbers... which is a darn shame, Von Maur has some wonderful stuff for sale. If I had my way I would buy everything in this store.

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