Topics regarding store closing at Wendy's

Topics regarding store closing at Wendy's

Miami Wendy gone

This closure went right under my radar. Wendy's on 6601 SW 57th Avenue closed permanently. What went wrong? I didn't expect this. From what I gathered most people liked this place. Huh.

Two Wendy's closed in Lafayette

Lafayette had the worst luck. Not only did it see many restaurants close left and right but two Wendy's closed almost back to back - the Wendy's on Evangeline Thruway and the one in the 3300 block of Johnston Street. I don't know what happened as I... —  read more 

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Washington finally free from Dave Thomas Circle - but that means Wendy's will close

Thank god that the absolute horror that is Dave Thomas Circle is going away. Sadly that also means that the Wendy's will be leaving with it - and I didn't find the Wendy's there to be a horror at all. Quite the contrary. But if the loss of a Wendy's... —  read more 

Wendy's, Wendy's... another closure

Dang, Wendy's run out of luck with its locations lately. Their Pittsburgh location is a prime example of this issue. Why couldn't they improve it a little bit? Not it's closed and I can't say that people miss that Wendy's @ 802 W View Park Dr.

Wendy's new layoffs

Wendy's will be laying off an ungodly amount of employees in their IT department. It's only just a matter of time when their restaurant employees will be next on the list to be laid off. No respect for workers these days.

Kirkland's Wendy's gone

It's hard to imagine this Wendy's ever closing. I worked here a few years ago and I had to check with my former coworker to see if it was true and it seems that it is. The Central Way Wendy's in Kirkland has closed this year for good. Sad.

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Pittsburgh Wendy's closed

Wendy's is not like it used to be anymore. Something changed in the past two years and whatever happened to them didn't end up being any good. Their Pittsburgh restaurant was the best example of this. Such an unsatisfactory location, no wonder it... —  read more 

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Wendy's closed in Riverdale MD

The less I say about this restaurant, the better. I am not a mean person so I won't be spreading hate - so, to anyone who is interested, the Wendy's on Kenilworth Ave in Riverdale, Maryland closed sometime this year.

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Roswell's Wendy's no longer open

They were so understaffed it was ridiculous - which resulted in really bad service. You had to wait so long for your food which in the end was almost cold when it got to you. I heard people say that it was pretty dirty as well but whenever I was here... —  read more 

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Wendy's left Haddon Township

Nobody knows why they closed this place, but it is a bummer in any case. FYI the Westmont Wendy's in Haddon Township is no longer open for business. Loved their chicken wraps, they were second to none.

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