Topics regarding store closing at Winn-Dixie

Topics regarding store closing at Winn-Dixie

Shouldn't have closed

I'll probably never truly shut up about the Winn-Dixie that was located on 2581 N Hiatus Rd in Hollywood. I never found out why it closed and that's why I'll stay bitter for a long time.

More stores closing

Southeastern Grocers, the home of recently bankrupt grocery chain Winn Dixie, will close two more stores next month in Central Florida! It seems that they are closing around 22 stores in total throughout the Southeast. They will be closing another... — read more 

Closing all stores

Dealt with this in n.c. with them as bi lo. Same holding company . The things happening now are almost identical to what they did there. Before becoming Southern Family Market and then closing all stores only after 8-10 months of conversion.

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