Topics regarding store closing at Cabela's

Topics regarding store closing at Cabela's

Smoke and mirrors

it amazes me that Bass pro to protect Thier image can lie to you and the public and you believe them. I am a former Bass pro and Cabela's manager. You have all lost your jobs and don't even realize it. They know from experience that quite a... —  read more 

What is up with Cabela's?

I feel like they got worse as time passed by... I don't remember Cabela’s ever being like this... what happened to them so that they fell so far from grace? Something must have gone wrong, I don't know what though.

Old Cabela’s gone

Cabela's was a great place for both customers and workers, but this year things have gone downhill. The new management isn't up to the job and everyone is suffering because of it. My friend quit this week - I think that was smart of him - and I won't... —  read more 

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