Topics regarding store closing at Taco Bell

Topics regarding store closing at Taco Bell

KFC/Taco Bell closing in Kodiak

I had to write a thread about this here too: Taco Bell is not open anymore in Kodiak at Mill Bay Road because the KFC/Taco Bell combination restaurant will be ceasing operations there. It's quite the shame but not that surprising that it's closing.

Taco Bell closed locations

I haven't heard anything of late regarding Taco Bell. That's a good thing I suppose. But what if it isn't? Did they close some of their locations this year, perhaps? Are they planning on closing some next year?

Taco Bell closed here!

How sad that they closed! This Taco Bell had great food, I'm not sure where to go when I get the munchies now that they're not open anymore. I don't get why people have so many issues with them, they're not horrible at all. Why the hate?

What a loss

I was truly depressed to find that our favorite place to eat is now closed. My wife and I have enjoyed the taco bell in Wilbur Ave. for 16 years. I stopped by last night to pick a burrito and found it boarded up. What a shame. I hope it can... —  read more 

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