Topics regarding store closing at Taco Bell

Topics regarding store closing at Taco Bell

KFC/Taco Bell closing in Kodiak

I had to write a thread about this here too: Taco Bell is not open anymore in Kodiak at Mill Bay Road because the KFC/Taco Bell combination restaurant will be ceasing operations there. It's quite the shame but not that surprising that it's closing.

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Taco Bell closed locations

I haven't heard anything of late regarding Taco Bell. That's a good thing I suppose. But what if it isn't? Did they close some of their locations this year, perhaps? Are they planning on closing some next year?

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Taco Bell closed here!

How sad that they closed! This Taco Bell had great food, I'm not sure where to go when I get the munchies now that they're not open anymore. I don't get why people have so many issues with them, they're not horrible at all. Why the hate?

What a loss

I was truly depressed to find that our favorite place to eat is now closed. My wife and I have enjoyed the taco bell in Wilbur Ave. for 16 years. I stopped by last night to pick a burrito and found it boarded up. What a shame. I hope it can... — read more 

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