Topics regarding store closing at Tilted Kilt

Topics regarding store closing at Tilted Kilt

Wayne gone

I did not know that they have closed at this location. No wonder, really. It was one of their worst bars by far. The servers were friendly, which is a given, but everything else was subpar to say the least.

Tilted Kilt Wayne closure

Why did the Tilted Kilt in Wayne New Jersey close? It was one of the better sports bars in the area so I do not understand what made them close like that all of a sudden. Was it the rent that was the issue maybe? Even popular chains have issues with... —  read more 

Frederick's Tilted Kilt gone

The Tilted Kilt on Spectrum Drive in Frederick Maryland is not open anymore. No huge loss to the neighborhood nor to the community. I hope everyone who worked there is doing alright now but that Tilted Kilt itself will be soon forgotten.

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