Topics regarding store closing at Village Inn

Topics regarding store closing at Village Inn

Are ALL Village Inn closed?

Are ALL of the Village Inn restaurants closed or will some remain open? What will happen with Village Inn? I know that most restaurants must close but I hope they might do delivery if that's the case, if they have closed.

Last month Village Inn CLOSED

I was SO upset!!! I love Village Inn and I hate when they close any of their restaurants. This hurt especially since it was MY restaurant. The one I always had breakfast at!!! Village Inn in Clinton IA CLOSED at 1710 Lincoln Way last month.

Village Inn closes 33 restaurants

This is nothing short of a tragedy, honestly. Village Inn is dear to my heart and it aches when I think of them closing any of their restaurants. Those poor workers who were left jobless when their 33 locations have closed. Incredibly sad.

Two of Utah Village Inn close

A few days ago, Village Inn closed two of their restaurants. Both were in Utah and one was located in North Salt Lake and the other in Roy. Neither were particularly memorable but I liked their Roy restaurant despite its shortcomings.

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